io sono fottuto ).
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Culo kulo, koo-loh, ass, arse or bottom, and can be used to say Avere una faccia da culo, To have an arse-like face, or prendere per il culo, to mean to take the piss out of sb, to bull(shit).
For instance: Porco cazzo (litterally: pig cock where it is uses cock instead of God (Dio). .I cant stand you!Vattela a pijà n der culo is the Romanesco form for v affanculo, while in Northern Italy is also used Vai a cagare (lit.Blackout trois rivieres canada video Beta starts September 10, 2018 on PS4 system; other platforms to follow.Private Beta pre-order offer does not apply to PC platform version; see m/beta for PC beta access details.That in a kind way means Go away.Fottere a verb whose the first person fotto comes, is a synonymous of to fuck, to screw (see the following word).Me ne frego or me ne fotto, I dont give a damn, and its similar variations: Che me ne frega or Non me ne frega niente.Go to shit meaning go away, fuck you, fuck off.Bastardo bastardoh, bastard, swearword that sometimes can acquire a friendly cleaner meaning if with friends, as to mean you are an asshole.
In English, swears and curse words have etymologically a Germanic and Latin lineage mostly.
With this word we often also say Sono cavoli tuoi to mean thats your problem o headache, or son cavoli amari to mean therell be trouble.
(literally what the dick What the hell do you want/are you doing/are you saying?
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It becomes more vulgar if added with the word cazzo : che cazzo me ne frega, or non me ne frega un cazzo, as to say I dont give a damn fuck.Annie lennox i put a spell on you.The word originated in Greece, but it is now commonly used in Italy, Turkey, and generally the Eastern.Che cazzo, what the fuck!The most basic translation is slut, not necessarily a paid whore or prostitute.Download full HD MP4 Putana song song on android mobile.Cacata or cagata from the verb cagare (to defecate to mean its a shit, bullshit, while va a cagare vah ah cah-gah-reh, (go to defecate) means take a shit or fuck yourself, and è una cagata means its a bullshit or it sucks, while.Women who swear appear to be more vulgar or violating more societal taboos than men who swear.Fottuto, (past participle of the verb fottere it means to rip-off or being cheated if we say: io sono fottuto, similar to essere inculato (see below).However, many others slight curse are usually used and from children even, as they are not so dirty or offensive.