With the Magnum mounted, theres a definite feeling of being cramped up around the gun, with the back of your thumb nudging against your nose, which is not ideal for the correct sight picture, or when using magnum loads.
With the choke changed to Cylinder soon improved mine and the Magnums combined performance, something that also reinforced the Escorts true purpose in life.
Identical apart from the extra two inches of the 28 incher, barrels are proofed for steel shot and finished in Hatsans familiar, black hard chrome with chrome lining, cross-cut 8mm vented rib, small brass bead and 3 chamber.Lets face it, if youre looking for a semi-auto, 12-bore of this ilk, its probably not for use as a sporting weapon, the foreshore or pest and vermin control being its most likely purposes.The pistol grip stock layout is a personal favourite, as it gives superior control; certainly in fast fire exercises.Taking off the forend showed that inexplicably the magazine tube had been crimped so restricting this gun to a 21 and despite all its tacticool looks it was a Section 2 shotgun.The Eley Grand Prix HV loads have a 32-gram payload of No 6 shot with a fibre wad.Although you can buy yourself one with Magic Wood, a faux walnut finish, its more than likely those potential owners will opt for one of the three Mossy Oak camo versions, or the all-black synthetic job seen here.It also rather emphasizes that the Escort is at heart a tactical weapon with a design structure angled towards situations slightly more intense than a Sunday mornings Skeet layout.When you look at what youre getting for 823 its hard work to direct any form of criticism towards the Luxano, a package and a price that cant really be equalled.OK so its no looker and wouldnt prove to be exactly at home around the clay layouts.You guessed it, 138 of the total were in the left sectors and on 47 in the right sectors.
A Hatsan Escort that comes in a case, has a two-tone engraved action and oil finished walnut?
Having been corrected of this bad practice, I can happily report that my Escort will consume anything from 21g to 50g carts with ease and without any nagging doubts of its performance in my mind.
Inlayed with distinct machine chequering along with the Escort name, the forend like the butt is substantial to say the least, whilst Hatsans answer to recoil elimination is definitely a leaf out of someone elses book.
The feeling of needing to pull the gun further back into your shoulder negated by the fact that theres nothing more to pull back, whilst the low comb does tend to leave your cheek searching for somewhere to rest against unless cerco uomo per sesso telefonico you push your entire.I had no problems with the operation of the Hatsan with light and heavy loads for loading and ejection.Now finished in matte silver, the single, ejector claw bolt utilises the rising lug locking system in conjunction with Hatsans proven self-regulating mechanism.Recoil was better than expected, even with the snottier loads, though 12-gauge slug was as ever barky.The 7lbs 8oz total weight is centred three inches forward of the receiver.Equally, Id reduce the stock dimensions nearer to those of the synthetic version, thereby giving the same quick handling and fast mounting characteristics.A discipline once and truthfully described as the most fun you can have with your clothes on genius!Anyhow, patterning was fine but there was a very biased left patterning to the spread.