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"What makes Pura Vida Conspiracy so strong is that, unlike other records we've done that are also musically polyamorous, this one combines our adventurous spirit with a stronger rock anchor Hutz says.
One day, oh yeah, wooh, oh yeah, we are the youth, without youth problems 'cause we are the youth, without youth problems.
"I've come full circle and I'm comfortable being a total outsider says Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hutz, explaining the philosophy behind the band's new album, Pura Vida Conspiracy.Music is a way to explore that and you can see how it links up with the idea of bordelli in tailandia pura vida.When you preserve this feeling and transfer it into real life, it becomes a huge part of you."."People ask how I had the confidence to attempt this task and I tell them it was not confidence.Home, about us, privacy notice.The Russian poet Yevtushenko first said that political borders are scars on the face of the planet.It's music that goes into the depth of now and opens the consciousness to another dimension that's usually hidden from people.One day, intro riff, break: Bm - b-5-4-3-2h3- - Bm/Bsus4/Bm (Same with Bm D Em A) who would know better then us freedom fighters?The way, we still seek long enough, dig deep enough.To get un deux trois song youtube to know your actual human self, you have to get behind all the masks.He was keenly aware of our musical evolution and encouraged us to encapsulate the passion and experimental energy we've accumulated in the last few years of intense world travel." "The Way You Name Your Ship suggests a rocking boat, with a subtle funk backbeat and.
When we scream on stage it's to acknowledge all cultures are beautiful masks, but they only take you so far - to a nice carnival or masquerade.
"We're not a whimsical band with a whimsical message and some languages offer things that others don't.
In keeping with his vision of creating an international groove, he recruited musicians of all ages, races and cultures, including bassist Thomas Gobena, from Ethiopia, Russian violinist Sergey Ryabtsev from Moscow and percussionist Pedro Erazo-Segovia from Ecuador.Percussionist Pedro Erazo-Segovia drops a Spanish rap into the maelstrom of Ryabtsev's violin, Ward's power chords and Hutz's furious vocal."Most people are looking for a box to put stuff in he says.The band's endless touring and critically acclaimed shows have made them international headliners.This accumulation of playing for thousands of hours in Gogol Bordello has connected me to the energetic self, the true human spirit.If you have true human spirit, you can't fit into any genre, nationality or culture.It sums up my need of joining fragmented parts and pieces to create a worldwide consciousness.And all of the feelings you could never explain."When I stayed in Kiev for months, people thought it was my victory lap back home."We're borrowing it back, with an added bit of Ennio Morricone." Gogol brings a taste of country music to the Latinized Ukrainian rhythm of "Lost Innocent World with the vigorous drumming of Oliver Charles.And only the ones who get to reach stratosphere get to see sun when it's raining down here.One day, oh yeah, and who would know better than us, freedom fighters.Like us, he thought of himself as a citizen of the world.".True human spirit is beyond culture, that's why my main interest is in human potential.