I put the Escort annunci cosenza sesso Redline up against the Valentine.
Sorry for the bad video quality and all the shaking.They both alerted at the same time on the first alerts; then Redline seems to be the first to alert on the next few; Valentine One alerted 9 seconds after the Redline at 0:36; then as we got closer to the source Valentine One alerted.If you want more info, go to the Radar Roy channel and his website.Pardon the dirty window, it was raining earlier in the day.Na videu lze vidět, že jako první detekuje radar na Octavii III u Dakoty v Ostravě Genevo One S Black Edtion, ihned za ním se přídává Escort Redline a ihned Valentine One.Valentine One: Factory default setting: POP on, Ka guard.Nutno podotknout, že vozidlo nestálo ve směru, ani v protisměru!First alert, the camera/iphone was on the passenger seat.Here is a simple comparison on one of those speed towers they like to place alongside the road.He breaks down a ton of detectors in a scientific way and does proper measured tests!
Make sure to watch until the end, both have their own winning areas.
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Beltronics STi R Escort Redline Valentine One Vs a Kbps.04 MB 00:01:33.
Where they first alerted:.3 miles.Redliine: TSR off, Pop off, all bands.RedLine torious V1 Part.Which Radar Detector Should You Buy?Best RD's for 2015.Escort Live Warns First then Valentine One.Escort Redline, Valentine 1, Beltronics STi-R.Demonstration of (V-1) Valentine.Arrows Test Valentine One vs Escort Max360.Genevo One S Black Edition.Genevo One Valentine One Beltronics RX65e.Octavia III ve směru.Genevo One M vs Escort 9500 vs Escort Redline - MultaradarCD N-VI.

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