It may seem that this contribution has paid a disproportionate amount of attention to this refusal of the liturgical reform.
He became editor of La Maison-Dieu in 2010.Your bishops will continue to work in peace and serenity for the necessary reconciliation, in fidelity to and in communion with the Pope.He told Peter to put his sword back into its sheath.An understanding of the slow development of tradition shows that fidelity does not mean a simple, mechanical repetition of a ritual as it was performed at a given point in time.He was created cardinal priest at the Consistory of November 24, 2007, and received the title of Saint-Louis-des-Français.It is above all a battle with ourselves.Creative Commons, attribution-Share Alike.5 Generic license.Summorum Pontificum, 2007) was very different in France to what it was in Africa, Asia or the Americas.Elected in 2011 as president-elect of Societas Liturgica, he will serve as president for the period and its 2015 Congress in Minneapolis.Seen this way, rite and Church are inseparable The liturgical controversy escort a rovigo served as a screen for another debate precisely because the liturgy reveals the experience of ecclesial communion.Without this Sunday assembly, the Church wastes away, and fails in its mission to all humankind.
I will give just a few examples of the most visible changes: the reform of Holy Week, the proclamation of the readings in the vernacular, and the possibility of evening Mass.
Cardinal Vingt-Trois has been particularly attentive to the pastoral care of families (see for example: André Vingt-Trois, La famille, Fleurus, Parole dÉglise, 2002).
This question of ecclesiology is deeper than one of structure, but goes to the heart of the Churchs very identity: The liturgical reform showed how the liturgy, the sacred action, is not merely the first locus of catechesis; it also functions in the self-identification.
Latin of Biblical" "For God so loved the world that.".
He was ordained maison de trois thes to the priesthood in 1969, and was vicar-general of the archdiocese of Paris from 1981 to 1999.
(1777) Cardinal-Priest of Santa Cecilia Marcantonio Cardinal Colonna (Jr.) (1762) Cardinal-Priest of Santa Maria della Pace Pope Clement xiii (1743) ( Carlo della Torre Rezzonico ) Pope Benedict XIV (1724) ( Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini ) Pope Benedict xiii (1675) ( Pietro Francesco (Vincenzo Maria) Orsini.
This wound should not and cannot turn into verbal violence, even less into physical violence.It must motivate our desire to make known the true face of Christ, the face that is revealed in his passion and crucifixion.Summorum pontificum of July 7, 2007, as is the following, where Cardinal Vingt-Trois speaks of his hope for reconciliation.But the Cardinal also calls attention to the concrete pastoral difficulties today: We know that the members of our Church have not yet taken stock of the new limitations imposed by rural depopulation and by an excessive quantity of Sunday ministry borne by many priests.Liturgical Reform: Christian Life and Witness.This is another reason to lose no time to do so with all our heart.This is the witness that we, as Christians, are called to give.Upon the cross, he prayed for his executioners.We need to confront these events, which recur from time to time, without closing ourselves off in a kind of debate where the Church would defend itself in the manner of a minority in a pluricultural or even hostile society.This is why the symbolic impact of Pope Benedict XVIs decision to liberalize the use of the liturgical books in force before the liturgical reform (Motu Proprio.The Unity of the Church and the Society.However, the particular place that it occupies in the French ecclesial landscape, and the nature of the issues that it raises, show that more is at stake than quarrels about the placement of candlesticks or the length of a maniple-fringe.His words have not lost any of their relevance, and indeed possess a particular resonance today: Since the sad events of 1988, successive Popes have constantly reached out to those of their children who set themselves up as their judges.