Cabaret, magic, acrobatics, theatre, dance, music and fine dining all of it can be found in only one place.
So many things have happened; so many faces have watched the very place you are now sitting.
50 Consigli e recensioni, filtra: buono per far tardi la sera adatto ai single vivace di moda adatto ai gruppi (3 more super!
Nice music, different music / show on each floor.Nice pub in the city.Good music polite service, crowded very crowded all night!Visit Bucharest Tips for more Old Centre Bars Clubs in Bucharest!Built in 1714 as private housing for Lady Pauna and her sons, by the regent Stefan Cantacuzino, it was considered one of the loved places to which to retreat from all the agitation and problems of the court, a personal sanctuary for the blue blooded.Eat there with your friends.It can host up to 70 people seated and standing, and its atmosphere invites guests to a relaxing experience with a glass of brandy, a classic cocktail or a single malt whiskey.Crowded authentic place with 'cabaret' dancers, just prepare to and dance.Walking these very streets, a sense of hidden pleasures could still be felt in the air.
Try the "Twisted Fries "Chorizo in Red Wine" and "Meatballs with Almond Sauce".Also, Arizona Ice Tea.
Had a nice time!
In 1857, The Fieschi Hotel opened right here, one of the best in the city, and in 1874 the reconstruction of the area was finalized.
Great music and atmosphere for a chillout.
What a story these old walls could tell.
Leggi tutto, excelente prostituzione lecco ambiente y buena musica además de cerveza.
Amazing place with great atmosphere!Dont miss the sin city consept on Friday.You're should be there when you're in town.I really didn t like the Pina Colada here, but aside from the drinks the place and the atmosphere is really nice.The team from Bordello will make you feel comfortable.The improve comedy shows that are happening here each Thursday are delightful.

Sometimes the waiters forget about your order.
Best place for having fun with surprises.
Music is also good!