Ritterkreuzauftrag, "Knight's Cross job" soldiers' slang for a suicidal mission.
lit.: "carcass obedience" Kaiserliche Marine (KM) Imperial German Navy Kaiserlicher Yacht-Club (KYC) Imperial Yacht Club Kameradschaft small military unit, or phrase for "comrade support amongst soldiers" (see Volkgemeinschaft ).
The Vice-Admiral placed at my disposal all the available vessels under his command andare a prostitute fa bene and assisted me in every possible way, as did Capitaine de vaisseau Bréart de Boisanger,.S.O., Chef de Division des Flotilles de la Mer du Nord.
Lieutenant-Commander Adams, followed by the survivors of "A" and "B" Companies, were the first to land, no enemy being then seen on the Mole.Herkules projected invasion of Malta by Fallschirmjäger and the navy.The orders for smoke-screening the approach and operations of the forces attacking Zeebrugge and Ostend, and the reports from the numerous motor launches and coastal motor boats employed on that duty, are necessarily too detailed to be recapitulated in a despatch of this general nature.Fall Gelb Case Yellow ; invasion of the Netherlands, Belgium and France.If an elevator on the platform/street level has transit card readers, this indicates that it will go all the way up or down.
This very gallant officer must have known before being killed that his efforts were crowned with success.
Sprung an advance movement for infantry: jump up from cover, run a few steps, take cover again.
A three-knot tide was running past the Mole; and the scend alongside the Mole created by the slight swell caused much movement on the ship.
On completion of the bombardment the vessels of this force took up patrolling positions to cover the retirement from Zeebrugge.Volksgemeinschaft national community or civilian population; public support (see Kameradschaft ).Krieg or Krieg(s)- "war" or "wartime-".Scharfschütze "sharpshooter sniper, marksman.Berlin radar most advanced airborne intercept radar of the WW II Luftwaffe in 1944-45, based on captured cavity magnetron technology, operated on SHF -band.3 GHz frequency Beschlagschmied blacksmith; see Hufbeschlagschmied.