This chose marked the future passage of Reggio under the seignory of that family, as Obizzo continued to rule "de facto" after his mandate has ceased.
At the fall of the Western Empire (476 Reggio was part of the Odoacer's reign.The 16th century church of San Prospero, the patron saint, overlooks piazza piccola, the city hearth.Borso's successor, Ercole I, imposed heavy levies on the city and named the poet Matteo Maria Boiardo, born in the nearby town of Scandiano, as its governor.He was the first son of a knight from troie con vibratori Ferrara, who was in charge of the Citadel, and a noblewoman from Reggio, Daria Maleguzzi Valeri.In 1848 Duke Francis V left his state fearing a revolution and Reggio proclaimed its union with Piemonte.The inhabitants of Reggio nell'Emilia (called "Reggiani usually call their town by the simple name of "Reggio".
To thwart the abuses of powerful families such as the Sessi, Fogliani and Canossa, the Senate of Reggio gave the city's rule for ford escort vintage a period of three years to the Este member Obizzo II d'Este.
Reggio Emilia is less famous for its historic and artistic heritage and for the pleasant city centre, surrounded by the exagonal avenues designed on the old walls plan.
Province of Reggio Emilia.
Another is Lambrusco wine.
Also noteworthy are the wooden choir from 1546 and the Assumption altarpiece by Tommaso Laureti and Ludovico Carracci (1602).It was restored in 1452, when the tower was also edificated.Apollinaris of Ravenna brought Christianity in the 1st century.Free commune Reggio became a free commune around the end of the 11th or the beginning of the 12th century.In the interior is the "Sala dei Difensori "Defenders' Room a wide hall once used for the council of the Reggiani people.On July 26, 1943, the fascist un dois trois tarari régime's fall was cheered with enthusiasm by the Reggiani.

It has about 170,000 inhabitants 1 and is the main comune (municipality) of the, province of Reggio Emilia.
It was reconstructed in the second half of the 16th century.